Kansas Tornado Safety While Driving

What Should I Do If I See a Tornado While Driving Through the Great Plains?

Kansas Tornado Safety While Driving

Kansas is right in the heart of Tornado Alley, and we will typically see 30 to 50 twisters each year. While one cyclone carried Dorothy off to the Land of Oz, most of these terrors cause an incredible amount of damage and may result in death. The month of March is the official start of Tornado Season (though twisters may develop anytime and anywhere if the conditions are just right), and it already came right on schedule in the KC area. We thought that we would offer some tips as to what you should do if you spot a tornado while you are in your vehicle.

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Keep an Eye on the Weather

Staying informed of the current weather conditions is one of the best ways to remain safe in the event of a tornado. Before heading out, check the forecast on your smartphone, computer, television, or radio. If there are watches and warnings issued, and if the sky looks ominous, stay home (or at the office if you have just finished with work) and seek shelter in an appropriate area.

What to Do When a Tornado Warning is Issued While You are Driving Through Town

If you are driving through Leavenworth or the greater KC area and the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning through your car’s radio (it usually happens when your favorite song is playing), it is best to seek shelter at one of the many local businesses. Legally park your vehicle and seek shelter indoors until the storm has passed.

Tornado striking on an open highwayWhat to Do When You See a Tornado on the Open Prairie

Kansas certainly has its share of wide, open prairie that has not changed much since the days of the Westward Movement. It is here where there are no forts (or gas stations/restaurants in today’s world) or any other shelter that makes encountering a tornado particularly dangerous. If you happen to be driving along and spot a tornado off in the distance, watch its movement and projected path. If it looks like it is coming towards you, do not try to outrun it. Exit your vehicle and lay down in the lowest area that you can find (like a ditch) while covering your head. Do not seek shelter under an overpass.

Come to Us for Repairs or a Different Vehicle After a Tornado

Was your vehicle damaged during a twister? Come to our service garage to see if we are able to help you repair it. If your vehicle was completely destroyed or it disappeared, we will be more than happy to help you find a replacement from our inventory.