Late-Year Used Vehicles for Sale Near KC

Why are There So Many Late-Year Models Available at Luxury & Imports?

Late-Year Used Vehicles for Sale Near KC

If you have been browsing the Luxury & Imports inventory, you may have noticed that there are several models from 2014, 2015, and even 2016. Those models are quite young, so why are they already on the second-hand market? Is there something wrong with them? Absolutely not! Plus, we take a good look at our vehicles and offer CarFax reports. There are a couple of reasons why late-year models appear in our inventory, and a mechanical problem is not one of them.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Used Car From Us?

Used cars on a sales lotDo Drivers Experience Buyer’s Remorse?

Absolutely. This is one of the major reasons why late-year models appear on our sales lot. When drivers shop for a brand-new vehicle, they typically only get about 15 minutes behind the wheel before they have to decide if the model is right for them. That is definitely not enough time, and after making the purchase and driving it around for a few weeks, the owner might decide that they made a mistake. They might also discover that the payments are a little too hard on the billfold. So they come to us to trade for something cheaper and more suited for their needs.

My Life Has Taken a Different Turn. Do I Need a Different Vehicle?

Quite possibly. Another reason why drivers give up their new vehicle at our dealership is because life took an unexpected turn (though it may not be a bad thing). One life change that we frequently see is a driver who is taking a job in a big city where public transportation is more appropriate. Another common life change is having a new baby and the need for a larger vehicle rather than the currently-owned sports car. These life changes mean that we get to have an extensive selection of nearly-new vehicles that are in great condition and ready for their next owner.

Benefits of Buying a Late-Year Used Model From Us

When you buy a late-year used model at Luxury & Imports, you will enjoy many benefits like faint traces of that beloved new-car smell, low mileage, and a lower price than a brand-new model. Come to our dealership and we will help you find the right car at the right price!