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Dodge Charger History and Awards

From the General Lee to the modern-day police cruiser, the Dodge Charger has always been known for performance, style, and innovation. Making its debut as a show car in 1964, the iconic Charger has been credited with “three-upping” [1] the competition and even “saving the [Chrysler] corporation.” [2] By 1968, the Charger was already responsible for 16% of Dodge’s car sales.

With Carl “Cam” Cameron as the principal exterior stylist, and Bob Rodger as Chief Engineer, the Charger won plenty of hardware in its youth: Cars magazine named it the Top Performance Car of the Year in 1967, and from 1969 to 1970, the Charger won so many races that NASCAR had to level the playing field by making new rules reducing engine displacement and introducing carburetor restrictor plates. With its flagship vehicle suddenly coming of age, Dodge had to walk a fine line between obligatory annual updates and not messing with a good thing. It was a good problem to have.

Impressive Appearance Over Time

In 1975, the Charger was completely restyled, allowing Dodge to enter the compulsory luxury car market. Then, in 1981, it was rebooted as a subcompact hatchback coupe. Eventually, the Charger looked in the mirror, realized it was an adult, and decided that the time for experimentation and “following the crowd” was over. After taking some time off to find itself, the Charger returned triumphantly in 2006, sporting a look that would make Bo and Luke Duke proud. The taillights, stamped hood, and side panels all hearkened back to the Charger’s glory days, and the 2007 balance sheet saw sales figures hit their apex for the resurgent Charger. In 2011, the Charger got another facelift in the form of more angular headlights, a more aerodynamic shape, and increased driver visibility, but much of its side and rear continued to pay homage to its successful 1968-1970 version. To be sure, the Dodge Charger achieves its greatest success when it’s tipping its cap to its illustrious past.

Performance Updates

The Charger’s original engine was a 318 ID (5.2L) V8 with a three-speed floor shifter. But four other engines were available, including a 440 Magnum, producing 375 HP. In 1970, the 440 Six Pack debuted: Three two-chamber carburetors and 390 HP. 1971 marked the last year the Hemi 426 was sold, thanks to rising gasoline prices and insurance rates. In 1973, the standard engine sold with the Charger was the Chrysler LA 318 V8, which allowed the use of cheaper regular gasoline. The Chrysler 360 V8 engine helped usher in the luxury car, and then six years later, in 1981, the NA 2.2L SOHC powered the subcompact. Over the next several years, most of the performance updates would come in the form of electronics.

When the Dodge Charger was resurrected in 2006, it came with a 3.5L V6, and all wheel drive (AWD). Five years later, base performance increased again, this time to a Pentastar 3.6L producing 292 BHP at 6350 RPM. The 4-speed automatic transmission was replaced with a 5-speed auto. At present, all (non-police) models come standard with 8-speed transmission.

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