Benefits of Buying a Used Car at Luxury & Imports in KC

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Benefits of Buying a Used Car at Luxury & Imports in KC

Hello and welcome to the Luxury & Imports blog! For almost 20 years, we have been offering high-quality used cars to Leavenworth, Hutchinson, and the greater KC area. Now, we are excited to offer even more to you on a regular basis! We are looking forward to sharing the latest news from our dealership and the automotive industry, along with maintenance tips so that you can get the most use out of your used vehicle. We thought that we would start by explaining the benefits of buying a used car from us, rather than a private seller or a different dealership.

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We are not your basic run-of-the-mill used car dealership. We specialize in luxury and imported vehicles, with BMW and Nissan being some of our most-requested brands. Domestic brands can be found at our dealership as well. Brand-new vehicles—especially ones from the luxury segment—are notoriously expensive, so we specialize in high-quality used models. When you buy a used luxury model, you will enjoy the top-of-the-line amenities that you crave, but at one fraction of its original cost. This is due to value depreciation. And when you shop with us, we can offer great financing options, including loans and trade negotiations.

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If you have been on the hunt for a used car and have browsed on CraigsList, you oftentimes run into the problem of getting “I don’t know, I just drive it” as a response or crucial information not being disclosed to you. This will never happen when you shop at Luxury & Imports. Our sales team members are extremely knowledgeable and ready to answer all of your questions. You will also find the highest quality options because we only sell the best of the best. And if you ever need help with maintenance and upkeep, we have a service garage that will be more than happy to keep your vehicle healthy.

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So what are you waiting for? Stop by our family-involved dealership, where we will treat you like family as well! Our business motto is “The right car, the right price, the right choice.”, and we strive to offer the best vehicle that fits your needs and budget. Please feel free to contact us or stop by our dealership with any questions. We are located at 5239 South 4th Street in Leavenworth, Kansas.