Line-X Products

LINE-X offers a nation-wide limited lifetime warranty serviced by over 450 locations. Each truck is inspected and measured to ensure you get the quality bedliner you deserve. If you ever have a problem with your bedliner it can be seamlessly repaired.

A Great Surface
LINE-X is a thick polyurethane/polurea elastomer that has a higher abrasion resistance and a higher tear strength than other spray-on or drop-in liners! LINE-X is always consistently thick without drips or runs. The mark of a LINE-X Liner is its factory like slip resistant finish.

Molds to Every Contour
Bonding permanently to your truck bed, LINE-X molds around every contour, providing a weather and water tight seal. No lost cargo space! Leaves the normal drainage system of your truck bed intact. Prevents, dirt, water, sand and gravel from ever getting in contact with the metal of your truck, preventing rust and corrosion.


LINE-X  by Luxury & Imports

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 LINE-X XS100 (Base Black Product)LINE-X offers the most durable spray-on protective coating available.
LINE-X protective coatings have virtually unlimited applications. It's the leading spray on truck bed liner in the market. It's also one of the most affordable choices for protecting just about any material that needs to be fortified against wear, corrosion, abrasion, and erosion by the elements. Industrial flooring, chemical tanks, patio furniture, & decking - if you can imagine it, we can protect it
 LINE-X PREMIUM (UV Resistant) LINE-X PREMIUM adds a UV resistant layer that bonds with the base XS-100 product to create a long lasting finish that looks brand new.
 LINE-X XTRA (Custom Color)  You tell us the color, and we can mix it.  Want it to match your truck color?  No problem.
 LINE-X PLATINUM (300% Tougher & UV Stable Premium Top Coat) LINE-X PLATINUM is a brand new product that is 300% stronger than XS-100, if that is possible, and combines the UV stable properties of PREMIUM topcoat.  It will protect your bed better and look brand new for much longer.